LifterLMS Assignments

LifterLMS Assignments Version 2.0.0

Updates and Enhancements
  • Replaced use of the deprecated FILTER_SANITIZE_STRING constant.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue encountered on admin assignment submission review resulting in visual “flickering” of the Remarks textarea and / or a visual obscuring of the Grade percentage input.
  • Fixed an issue where deleting an assignment submission would not change the student’s lesson status to “incomplete”.
  • Automatically sync lesson author to child assignments when a lesson’s post_author value changes.
  • Fixed a caching issue with the Firefox browser when canceling a review.
Developer Notes
  • [BREAKING] This plugin no longer includes source map .map files for Javascript and CSS files.
  • [BREAKING] This plugin no longer includes unminified Javascript or CSS files.

LifterLMS Assignments Version 1.3.0

The minimum required LifterLMS core version requirement has been raised from 5.3.0 to 6.0.0. Please upgrade LifterLMS to 6.0.0 or later in order to continue using this add-on!

Developer notes
  • Renamed LLMS_Query_Assignments_Submission::preprare_query() to LLMS_Query_Assignments_Submission::prepare_query().
  • Replaced the use of the protected LLMS_Query_Assignments_Submission::$max_pages property with LLMS_Query_Assignments_Submission::get( 'max_pages' ).

LifterLMS Assignments Version 1.2.0

Updates and Enhancements
  • Raised the minimum supported LifterLMS Core version to version 5.3.0.
  • Raised the minimum supported WordPress core version to 5.5.
  • Raised the minimum supported PHP version to 7.4.
  • Replaced deprecated LLMS_Interface_Post_Audio and LLMS_Interface_Post_Video with LLMS_Trait_Audio_Video_Embed.

LifterLMS Assignments Version 1.1.13

The minimum LifterLMS core version requirement has been raised to version 4.21.2. Please upgrade LifterLMS to 4.21.2 or later in order to continue using this add-on!

  • Uses llms() in favor of deprecated LLMS().

Bug fixes

  • Uses the LifterLMS core view_grades capability to determine if users may view another user’s grades on the website’s frontend.

LifterLMS Assignments Version 1.1.11

  • Update: Remove usage of core LLMS_Generator class method scheduled to be deprecated in a future release.
  • Bugfix: Do not try to print the submission title if no submission was found for the current assignment.
  • Bugfix: Print a notice if no submission was found for the current assignment, instead of loading the assignment’s submission template.