LaunchPad Version 1.2.0

Layout Settings

  • Blog posts and blog archive pages now have a separate default layout setting. You can, therefore, use a completely customized layout for your blog than for the rest of your site.
  • Courses, Lessons, Quizzes, Memberships, Posts, and Pages all have custom layout settings which can override the default site layout settings.
  • Lessons will automatically inherit their course’s layout settings unless explicitly overriden

Fixes and Updates

  • LifterLMS Certificates will never display sidebars
  • Added a new “Button” subheading to LifterLMS Product Archive settings screen.
  • Changed LifterLMS Product Archive Tile Footer Border language. Previously said “Top Border” but styles actually applied to the entire border. Now the label correctly states the settings purpose
  • Fixed directory name of Metaboxes directory so that custom metaboxes will properly load on servers that couldn’t load them because of case sensitivity. Was “MetaBoxes”, now “Metaboxes”.

LaunchPad Version 1.1.0


  • Site Logo in header is now a clickable link back to the site’s home page url to match the functionality of the site title when no logo is displayed.
  • New site header background image options are available for controlling the behavior and positioning of the uploaded image! See Header Settings Documention for more info.
  • New site header background color option is available. See Header Settings Documention for more info.
  • New site footer & site info options
    • Font Color
    • Link & Link Hover Color
    • Widget Title Cover (footer only because no widget functionality is available for the site info section)
  • Added a css class .widget-title to all Widget Title H2 elements in all widget areas


  • Added CSS selector properly target “My Meberships” title area styles.
  • Fixed a setting title “Section Title Padding Right” which was supposed to be “Section Padding Right” on the “LifterLMS Account” LaunchPad settings tab
  • LifterLMS Account Navigation Link Seperator option was attached to a filter that didn’t exist. Updated the filter to attach to a LifterLMS filter which does exist. Problem solved!
  • LifterLMS Course and Lesson sidebars will now be properly registered with the same sidebar settings as the other LaunchPad sidebars to prevent visual discrepencies between them. This update relies on a new filter available in LifterLMS 2.6.2. Please update both to complete this resolution.
  • Updated the descriptions of a few settings to be more clear
  • Various typos and spelling errors corrected. Potentially added some new ones.
  • Fixed positioning of the “remove image” button on LaunchPad image upload settings.


  • Removed a duplicate & unused .scss file scss/partials/_notices.scss.

LaunchPad Version 1.0.1


  • Moved the header background image logo to the header settings tab
  • added collapsible sections to the header settings tab
  • Added font size options for paragraphs and list items
  • Removed breadcrumb css class option
  • Changed the “Styling” tab to be called the “Links and Buttons” tab
  • Organized the LifterLMS Account Settings screen to have collapsible settings to make the settings more navigable
  • Organized the LifterLMS Course Settings screen to have collapsible settings to make the settings more navigable
  • Organized the LifterLMS Product Archive Settings screen to have collapsible settings to make the settings more navigable
  • Moved the advanced settings tab to the bottom of the settings menu


  • Added a changelog


  • Site tagline setting now properly outputs the site tagline
  • Breadcrumb font settings now properly apply to all items in breadcrumb regardless of heirarchy
  • Fixed language issue on header menu that caused some confusion
  • Allow LifterLMS Course and Lesson Sidebars to display in their correct place
  • Properly initialize right-side sidebar on 3-column layout
  • Fixed various spelling errors & typos

Development Changes

  • Fixed a typo on the default config that prevented watch tasks from running correctly