LaunchPad Version 2.0.0

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  • Labels now display beside radio buttons and checkboxes instead of below them
  • All settings defaults updated for a pretty first time run
  • Author bio does not display on LifterLMS courses, lessons, memberships, or quizzes
  • Added custom course excerpt to the course tiles
New Customizable Settings & Options
  • Secondary buttons!
  • Main menu font size
  • Course meta title and information settings for size & color
  • Setting for number of columns in the course / membership catalogs
  • Settings for 3.0 pricing tables
Deprecated Settings and Options
  • Course & Membership Price
  • Course Legth & Difficulty — replaced with “Meta” options described above
  • Removed some lesson complete icon settings which are confusing after core 3.0 changes
  • Deprecated checkout settings no longer relevant because of core 3.0 changes

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