Release Notes

LifterLMS Assignments Version 2.0.0

Updates and Enhancements
  • Replaced use of the deprecated FILTER_SANITIZE_STRING constant.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue encountered on admin assignment submission review resulting in visual “flickering” of the Remarks textarea and / or a visual obscuring of the Grade percentage input.
  • Fixed an issue where deleting an assignment submission would not change the student’s lesson status to “incomplete”.
  • Automatically sync lesson author to child assignments when a lesson’s post_author value changes.
  • Fixed a caching issue with the Firefox browser when canceling a review.
Developer Notes
  • [BREAKING] This plugin no longer includes source map .map files for Javascript and CSS files.
  • [BREAKING] This plugin no longer includes unminified Javascript or CSS files.

LifterLMS Version 7.0.0-beta.1

New Features
  • Added handling for admin settings options that store their option values in a nested array.
  • Added new AJAX checkout and payment source switching endpoints for payment gateways to utilize instead of the preexisting synchronous form submission methods.
  • On purchase completed retrieve the redirection URL from the INPUTPOST ‘redirect’ variable, if no ‘redirect’ variable is passed via INPUTGET. The INPUTPOST ‘redirect’ variable comes from the new checkout form’s hidden field ‘redirect’ populated with LLMSAccessPlan::getredirection_url(). #2229
Updates and Enhancements
  • When an order post is restored from the trash its post status will now be “llms-pending” in favor of the default “draft” status.
Bug Fixes
  • Don’t attempt to lookup the default payment gateway from user meta data.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented disabling the access plan’s option, Override Membership Redirects, once enabled. #2234
  • Disabled scroll-behavior: smooth on checkout screen to address form element validity checking issues on Chromium-based browsers. #2206
  • Deprecated LLMS_Controller_Orders::switch_payment_source() in favor of LLMS_Controller_Checkout::switch_payment_source().
  • Deprecated the lifterlms_update_option_{$type} action in favor of the llms_update_option_{$type} filter.
  • Method LLMS_Controller_Orders::confirm_pending_order() is deprecated in favor of LLMS_Controller_Checkout::confirm_pending_order().
  • Method LLMS_Controller_Orders::create_pending_order() is deprecated in favor of LLMS_Controller_Checkout::create_pending_order().
  • Method LLMS_Controller_Orders::switch_payment_source() is deprecated in favor of LLMS_Controller_Checkout::switch_payment_source().
  • Passing jQuery selections into the window.LLMS.Spinner functions is deprecated. Use JS Elements or selection strings parseable by document.querySelector() instead.
  • Deprecated hook llms_{$method}_title in favor of llms_{$method}_refund_title.
Developer Notes
  • Added admin settings helper function, llms_get_dashicon_link(), intended to enable the addition of external resource helper links to settings field descriptions.
  • The LLMS_Student object can be instantiated as an empty object and bypass current user autoloading. In the future this may affect integrations using the lifterlms_new_pending_order action hook which will receive an “empty” student object during order setup by gateways utilizing new AJAX-powered checkout endpoints.
  • Added a filter, llms_gateway_{$this->id}_logging_enabled, which will allow force enabling/disabling of gateway logging functions.
  • Improved payment gateway secure string logging by adding a method, add_secure_string() allowing developers to add secure strings during runtime without the necessity of registering the strings using filters.
  • Introduces new function llms_is_option_secure() for determining if an “secured” option is defined in a “secure” manner.
  • Implemented new gateway feature: modify_recurring_payments. #2176
  • Added two new parameters to LLMSAccessPlan::getredirectionurl() – $encode to optionally get a raw (not encoded) URL. – $querystring_only to optionally get only the redirect URL if set via NPUT_GET variable.
  • Added new parameter $querystring_only to the filter hook llms_plan_get_checkout_redirection.
  • Admin settings fields now display after_html for additional field types which support desc.
  • The CSS for .llms-spinning and .llms-spinner elements is no longer loaded as part of the lifterlms.css and admin.css files, instead it is loaded dynamically when window.LLMS.Spinner functions are called. In some cases CSS overrides to these elements which relied on CSS rule load order may no longer successfully override the default CSS rules. These overrides may need to be updated to have more specific selectors in order to ensure the overrides are retained.
  • The Javascript object, window.LLMS.Spinner, has been converted to a module accessible from the same variable.
  • The window.LLMS.Spinner methods now accept JS Elements and selector strings parseable by document.querySelector() in addition to jQuery selections.
  • Added new filter llms_transaction_can_be_refunded enabling custom refund restrictions to be applied to a transaction.
Updated Templates

LifterLMS Version 6.10.0

Updates and Enhancements
  • Updtaed woocommerce/action-scheduler to version 3.5.0.
  • Upgrades the bundled quill-wordcount module to version 2.0, addressing an issue encountered when counting words with non-Latin character languages.
Bug Fixes
  • Make <pre> elements in quiz attempt results scrollable.
  • Make sure the current user can edit the lesson, when changing its completion status from the admin reporting.
  • Added missing textodmain for the string ‘Move {post_title} to the Trash’. #2224
  • Fixed PHP fatal error when quick editing an award. #2231
  • Updated Spain’s provinces list. #2243
  • The files assets/vendor/quill/quill.module.wordcount.js and assets/vendor/quill/quill.module.wordcount.min.js are to be removed in the next major release. Instead of loading these files directly, use wp_enqueue_script( 'llms-quill-wordcount' ).

LifterLMS Advanced Quizzes Version 3.0.0

Updates and Enhancements
  • [BREAKING] Raised the minimum supported PHP version to 7.4.
  • [BREAKING] Raised the minimum supported WordPress core version to 5.6.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed PHP 8.1 deprecation warning resulting from usage of FILTER_SANITIZE_STRING.
  • Fixed an issue with the code question type answer rendering.
Developer Notes
  • Fix issue encountered when passing an extension string with a leading dot to the llms_aq_mime_ensure_dot().
Security Fixes
  • Fixed issue allowing upload question types to associate an upload answer with an invalid or non-existent quiz attempt.

LifterLMS Advanced Videos Version 1.0.0-beta.19

New Features
  • Allow lessons to be completed from the reporting screen regardless of the video completion requirement.
Updates and Enhancements
  • Raised the minimum supported PHP version to 7.4.
  • Behave as the player ended when catching a player paused event and the player’s current time is greater than the video duration.
Developer Notes
  • Added llms_av_allow_lesson_completion_admin_reporting filter to control whether or not allowing lesson completion from admin reporting regardless of the video completion requirement.

LifterLMS PayPal Version 3.0.0-alpha.3

  • New minimum LifterLMS core version requirement: 7.0.0-alpha.3.
  • Changed the invoice_prefix CP gateway option to site_prefix.
  • Improved PayPal plan creation requests to automatically create the related product as needed.
  • Added product (course/membership) bulk sync admin tool.
  • Added an API for syncing recurring orders statuses to the related PayPal subscription.
  • Added a success message when onboarding is completed.
  • Fixed an issue causing PayPal subscription to be inadvertently reactivated during certain scenarios when changing payment methods.
  • Fixed an undefined variable error which could be encountered when using constants/environment variables to define PayPal API credentials.
  • Added an upgrade routine used to inform pre 3.x users about plugin changes.
  • Changed the default alternative payment methods list to be an empty array.
  • Fixed issue causing the legacy gateway to display when adding or removing a coupon during checkout.
  • Fixed an issue causing the PayPal button to get “stuck” when changing gateways after adding or removing a coupon during checkout.
  • Added a webhook notification handler for recording failed subscription payments.
  • Fixed validation feedback issues encountered on iOS browsers.

LifterLMS Version 7.0.0-alpha.3

  • Add max-length sanitization to admin settings which specify a max length.
  • Fixed invalid user links on admin order screens when viewing incomplete orders missing a registered user.
  • Added new function llms_is_secure().
  • Added lifterlms- and llms- as automatically stripped prefixed when using llms_strip_prefixes().
  • Added new temporary metadata, temp_gateway_ids to orders for use by gateways when switching payment methods.
  • Moved LLMS.Spinner Javascript into an @lifterlms/components module and removed its reliance on jQuery.
  • Disabled scroll-behavior: scroll on checkout screens to address a validity reporting issue on Chromium-based browsers.