Release Notes

LifterLMS Advanced Quizzes Version 1.1.0

Dependency Requirement Changes
  • The minimum required LifterLMS Core Version has been raised to 3.29.0. Please ensure the LifterLMS core meets this requirement in order to continue using this add-on!
  • Added the ability to choose the case-sensitivity of answers for automatically graded Fill in the Blank questions
  • Refactored various classes and methods.
  • Removed inline sourcemaps for static assets.
  • Deprecated function LLMS_Advanced_Quizzes() in favor of llms_aq().

LifterLMS WooCommerce Version 2.1.2

  • Fixes a bug with course access plans, connected to members only products, resulting in their checkout button pointing
    to the LifterLMS checkout page even when plans were available for the buyer.
  • Fixes a bug encountered when using the Astra theme and members only products resulting in the Add to Cart button being
    incorrectly displayed along with the members only button in shop loops.
  • Fixes a bug encountered when using members only products resulting in the members only button not pointing to the
    restring Membership.
  • Fixes an edge case encountered when a limited access plan expired after the related order was deleted resulting in a
    PHP fatal error.
  • Fixes a bug encountered when enrolling a student in a course/membership directly from the WooCommerce Subscription order
    screen that would prevent the automatic user un-enrollment on WooCommerce Subscription order expiration/cancellation.

LifterLMS Version 4.3.3

  • Fixed an issue causing legends of reporting charts to be truncated and only readable after a mouse hover.
  • Fixed an issue caused by passing null values to wp_insert_post().
  • Fixed a javascript error encountered on LifterLMS settings screens.

LifterLMS Version 4.3.1

  • When resetting tracking data cookies, set a “secure” cookie where possible.
  • Catch an unhandled error encountered when generating certificate exports.
  • When an error is encountered during certificate export generation, display an error notice instead of a general notice.