LifterLMS Version 7.4.0

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New Features
  • Added method LLMS_Quiz::get_questions_count() for getting count of questions.
  • Added support for the upcoming “Question Bank” feature of the LifterLMS Advanced Quizzes add-on.
Updates and Enhancements
  • Added nocache_headers() to prevent browser caching for temporary redirects.
Bug Fixes
  • Added “Chaiyaphum” province for the Thailand. #2527
Developer Notes
  • Course Builder: Correctly get/set (and track changes of) Backbone’s model properties which are objects.
  • Added filter hook llms_admin_show_header to allow 3rd parties filtering whether or not to show the branded header in the admin.
  • Added filter llms_generator_new_post_data, to allow third parties to filter the data used when creating a new post while cloning/exporting a course or lesson.
  • Abstracted the LLMS_Admin_Setup_Wizard class, added the class LLMS_Abstract_Admin_Wizard.
  • Added filter llms_quiz_attempt_questions_randomize to enable/disable questions randomize.
  • Added filter llms_quiz_attempt_questions to modify the questions array for the quiz.
  • Added filter llms_quiz_questions_count to filter the quiz’s question count.
Updated Templates