LifterLMS MailChimp Version 3.2.0

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The minimum required LifterLMS Core version has been raised to version 4.9.0. Please upgrade LifterLMS to the latest version to ensure this add-on can continue to function after upgrading!

  • Various minor changes to ensure adherance to LifterLMS Coding Standards
  • Replace usage of deprecated LifterLMS core methods with their replacements.
  • Added link to add-on settings on the plugins list.
  • Added the ability to define MailChimp API keys using environment variables or constants (defined in wp-config.php). Read the Getting Started Guide for more information.
Bug fixes
  • Fixed a spelling error
  • Fixed an issue preventing list addition during user enrollment.
  • Function LLMS_MailChimp() is deprecated in favor of llms_mailchimp().

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