LifterLMS ConvertKit Version 2.1.0

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  • Important: This update raises the LifterLMS Core version requirement to 3.29.0. Please upgrade the LifterLMS core if you haven’t already done so.
  • Added an option to allow LifterLMS native ecommerce purchases to be synced to ConvertKit using the ConvertKit purchases API, enabling automations based on purchases.
  • Added additional options when using LifterLMS with WooCommerce to ensure consenting customers are subscribed via LifterLMS ConvertKit registration and enrollment automations.
  • Added custom field mapping to allow automatic population of ConvertKit custom fields with data from LifterLMS registration, checkout, and enrollment fields.
  • “Consent” requirements may now be disabled a single line of code: add_filter( 'llms_ck_enable_consent', '__return_false' ).
  • API errors are now logged to a “convertkit” file isolated from the main LifterLMS log file.
  • Improved data validation for all settings submitted via forms on the admin panel.
  • Reorganized the settings screen for increased visual clarity.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a LifterLMS core 3.29.0 compatibility issue preventing consent from being saved properly during new user registration via the checkout/enrollment screen.
  • Resolved an issue allowing the consent and unsubscribe notice message options to show as empty or blank on the integration settings screen.
Deprecated Functions

These functions, methods, and classes have been marked as deprecated and will be removed during our next major update. Custom code should be modified to use replacements as soon as possible.

  • Deprecated LLMSCK(), use LLMS_ConvertKit()->api() instead.
  • Deprecated class LLMS_ConvertKit_Api, use LLMS_CK_API instead.

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