LaunchPad Version 1.3.0

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Import / Export

  • On the “Advanced” LaunchPad settings menu, you can now export your existing LaunchPad settings as a JSON object and import existing settings objects!

New Settings

  • You can now customize the padding of the header area
  • Customize the layout of the header
  • Customize the available widths of header logo and navigation
  • Side by Side registration layout option for the login & registration forms on the Account access page.
  • Padding customization for default (primary) buttons

Responsive Video Embeds

  • Automatic responsive video embeds anywhere in LaunchPad for the following providers: YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia

Post Layout Settings

  • Optionally disable the title element on any post types where the “Layout Settings” metabox can be found

Bug Fixes

  • A few special characters were being incorrectly encoded for the custom CSS & javascript fields, this has been corrected.
  • The “posts” page (blog post archive) will correctly display the page as the current item when breadcrumbs are enabled
  • Icons in the course outline widget will adhere to icon color customizations
  • LifterLMS elements know as “text buttons” now automatically inherit LaunchPad link style colors. These elements look like regular links but are actually buttons and were, up until now, not customizable.
  • Fixed a few default settings values which had “px” coded into them which would cause the default values to not render properly on screen. Update includes an automatic upgrade to replace the existing values with corrected values if you currently have the default value saved.
  • Fixed a setting which was rendering an empty value for the “margin left” value of a lesson completed tile.


  • Advanced JS fields are now wrapped in an anonymous function that passes the jQuery dollar sign into the field so customizations can use $ rather than jQuery if you wish.
  • Custom CSS output automatically minified for a cleaner source and (extremely small) performance increase
  • Added an automated upgrade class to allow for first-time installation of new LaunchPad settings to their defaults and any other database related upgrades that may come in the future.

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