LifterLMS MailChimp Version 2.1.0

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This version will work best with LifterLMS version 2.2.3 or later. Some new features will only be available if LifterLMS 2.2.3 is available

  • We’ve updated to work with LifterLMS actions for course and membership enrollment
  • When a student is added to a course by an admin via the Students tab of a Course the user will now be added to the MailChimp list & group selected for the course
  • MailChimp lists and groups can now be configured for Memberships.
  • Users who join a membership and are auto-enrolled in multiple courses will now be correctly added to MailChimp lists and groups associated with all auto-enroll courses
  • Fixed a few code standards issues
  • Updated a few functions to have more normalized programmatic responses

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