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  • LifterLMS Version 7.5.0

    New Features
    • Added LLMS_Add_On::get_image() method to get the addon and author image. #2511
    • Added a paragraph to show Number of lessons in a course at Course Catalog and My Courses. #2434
    Updates and Enhancements
    • Updates LifterLMS Blocks to v2.5.2.
    • Bundled Add-ons & More Banners/Author Images in Core LifterLMS. #2511
    • Updates LifterLMS Rest to v1.0.0-beta.29.
    • Update Action Scheduler to version 3.5.4. To improve compatibility with PHP 8.2.
    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed checking for the wrong function name when defining the pluggable function lifterlms_student_dashboard. #2550
    • Only show LifterLMS-authored Addons in All section.
    • Improved compatibility with WordPress 6.4 by using traverse_and_serialize_blocks in place of the deprecated _inject_theme_attribute_in_block_template_content.
    • PHP 8.2 compatibility fix: Fixed creation of dynamic property LLMS_Meta_Box_Access::$_saved.
    Developer Notes
    • Added LLMS_Payment_Gateway::can_process_access_plan() method to determine if an access plan can be processed by the gateway. Also added the filter hook llms_can_gateway_process_access_plan to filter its result.
    • Added a check on whether the gateway can process a specific plan when purchasing a plan, or switching the payment gateway of a recurring payment.
    • Added action hook llms_checkout_form_gateway_cant_process_plan fired on the checkout form gateways section, when a gateway cannot process a specific plan.
    • Added new filter hook llms_unschedule_recurring_payment_on_access_plan_expiration to control whether or not the recurring payments fo an order need to be unscheduled when the related access plan expires (true by default).
    • Added ‘favorites’ in User postmeta for getting all user’s favorites.
    • Added filter llms_course_syllabus_lesson_favorite_visibility for disabling favorites in syllabus view.
    • Added filter llms_is_$object_type_favorite to change object’s (lesson, student, course) favorite boolean value.
    • Added llms_lesson_preview_before_title and llms_lesson_preview_after_title action hooks.
    • Added function llms_template_syllabus_favorite_lesson_preview.
    • Added filter llms_favorites_enabled to enable/disable Favorites feature.
    • Removed references to the unused quiz’s property random_answers. Thanks @AlexVCS! #2552
    • Improved some unit tests compatibility with PHP 8.2.
    Security Fixes
    • Improved security when exporting a reporting table: make sure to avoid path traversals. Thanks Huseyin Tintas (stif)!
    Updated Templates
    Read more: LifterLMS Version 7.5.0
  • Sky Pilot Theme Version 1.3.1

    Bug Fixes
    • Added styles to support new LifterLMS feature to favorite a lesson.
    • Removed placeholder image padding in editor to reflect frontend styles.
    • Adjusted CSS for quiz results when a question is waiting for review.
    • Added missing styling for coupon applied at checkout and strikethrough pricing.
    • Improved styling for Course Outline (collapsible syllabus) display.
    • Added styles to support buttons in disabled state, as with Advanced Videos.
    Read more: Sky Pilot Theme Version 1.3.1
  • LifterLMS Labs Version 1.8.0

    New Features
    • Added settings for the lessons favorite button visibility.
    Developer Notes
    • Changed priority of the action manager settings loading.
    Read more: LifterLMS Labs Version 1.8.0
  • LifterLMS Blocks Version 2.5.2

    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed an issue when duplicating a LifterLMS preset form field. #169
    Developer Notes
    • Improved compatibility with PHP 8.2.
    Read more: LifterLMS Blocks Version 2.5.2
  • LifterLMS Labs Version 1.7.0

    New Features
    • Added an option to hide the lesson count on course catalogs.
    Bug Fixes
    • Improved compatibility with PHP 8.2 (fixed deprecation warnings).
    • Fix use of deprecated filter llms_get_quiz_theme_settings with the Divi Theme Compatibility lab (aka Lifti). #16
    • Fixed ‘LLMS Certificates’ and ‘LLMS Awarded Certificates’ Post Types not visible in Beaver Builder Post Type settings. #29
    • Deprecated method LLMS_Lab_Lifti::quiz_settings.
    Developer Notes
    • Use strict comparison for in_array and array_search.
    • Improved docblocks and coding standards.
    Read more: LifterLMS Labs Version 1.7.0
  • LifterLMS REST API Version 1.0.0-beta.29

    Bug Fixes
    • Avoid PHP fatal when searching for courses/memberships but the query post type parameter is forced to a different post type. e.g. all post types except post excluded from search results. #299
    Read more: LifterLMS REST API Version 1.0.0-beta.29