LifterLMS Private Areas

LifterLMS Private Areas Version 1.1.0

  • Added a new notification “New Private Post Comment” which sends email notifications to students and instructors when comments are left on a private post.
  • Students will also receive on-screen basic notifications when an admin leaves a new comment on a private post.
  • The notification “New Private Post (Email)” can now be tested via LifterLMS core email test settings.
Privacy Exporters and Erasers
  • During data exports, all private posts assigned to the student will be included with the export.
  • During data erasures, if the “Remove Student LMS data” option is enabled, private posts assigned to the student will be erased.
Updates & Enhancements
  • Show private post counts (and links to posts lists) in reporting screens for student courses & memberships.
  • Admins & instructors can now view private posts for their students on the frontend of the site. Access to a private post is now granted to the student the post is assigned to as well as any site member with the ability to edit the post’s course or membership association.
  • Added css classes llms-pa-posts--archive and llms-pa-posts--single to HTML elements to allow differing styles on private post archives and single pages.
  • Added RTL language support.
  • Adds compatibilty when using Yoast SEO to ensure Private Posts & Private Areas don’t render blank.
Bug Fixes
  • Bug fix: Only loads plugin files and features when the integration is enabled through the LifterLMS integration settings.

LifterLMS Private Areas Version 1.0.6

  • Add “Back to Course” (or membership) and “Back to Area” buttons on private area header template
  • Fix private posts table issue causing assigned student to current user when no user set
  • Fix issue causing JS and CSS for automations from being rendered on non-automation screens on the admin panel
  • Fix issue causing PHP warnings on student dashboard related to memberships which have been deleted