LifterLMS Labs

LifterLMS Labs Version 1.5.3

  • Tested to WordPress core 5.3.2
  • Beaver Builder: Fix module visibility issue when hiding modules based on enrollment in specific courses or memberships.
  • Action Manager: Remove non-functioning featured image hook. Featured images are output by themes not by LifterLMS.

LifterLMS Labs Version 1.5.0

  • Beaver Builder: Updated to support Beaver Builder 2.0 (long over due, I know.)
  • Lifti: Changes to Divi prevent loading programmatically created layouts. The predefined layout for a LifterLMS course can now be downloaded here.
  • Simple Branding: Add branding overrides for LifterLMS instructor information cards
  • Simple Branding: Add branding overrides for LifterLMS 3.16.0 quiz styles and LifterLMS Advanced Quizzes styles
  • Simple Branding: Save default values in database & generate CSS when the lab is enabled.

LifterLMS Labs Version 1.3.0

Beaver Builder Integration Lab

  • Adds LifterLMS-specific modules for course and lesson construction via Beaver Builder
  • Adds row & module visibility settings to conditionally display elements based on course/membership enrollment status of the current visitor
  • Adds a basic LifterLMS course template for quick course building with a layout similar to the standard LifterLMS course layout
  • Full usage documentation and more details here

LifterLMS Labs Version 1.2.0

Action Manager Lab

  • Check boxes to remove LifterLMS elements added to courses, lessons, and memberships instead of writing code

Lifti: Divi compatibility Upgrades!

  • Divi Friends is now called Lifti because it’s more fun
  • Add options for Divi page builder and custom layout support on LifterLMS courses, lessons, and memberships
  • Add a prebuilt layout for LifterLMS courses which automatically adds default LifterLMS content via LifterLMS shortcodes to a pagebuilder layout
    • If you already had this lab enabled, disable and re-enable so the layout will be installed!
  • Combine this lab with the Action Manager for a lot of Divi fun!