LifterLMS Helper

LifterLMS Helper Version 3.4.0

Localization updates
  • Only runs localization functions when loaded as an independent plugin.
  • Replace the textdoman ‘lifterlms-helper’ with ‘lifterlms’.
  • Use llms_helper() in favor of deprecated LLMS_Helper() in various locations.
  • Don’t attempt to run migrations from versions less than 3.0.0 during first run when loaded as a library.

LifterLMS Helper Version 3.3.0

  • This plugin is now included by default via the LifterLMS core in versions 5.0+. Installing this plugin directly will use the plugin version instead of the version included with the core. Direct installation is likely only required for development purposes when using LifterLMS 5.0+.
  • The main function llms_helper() is declared conditionally when the class LifterLMS_Helper is not yet declared.
  • Added a constant LLMS_HELPER_DISABLE which allows disabling of the plugin.
  • Distribution release zips now include a composer.json file to allow for installation via composer.

LifterLMS Helper Version 3.2.0

  • Moved the class LifterLMS_Helper class to its own file from lifterlms-helper.php.
  • Use self::$instance in favor of self::$_instance.
  • Use llms() in favor of deprecated LLMS().
  • Use llms_filter_input() to access $_POST data in various places.
  • Use strict comparison for in_array().
Bug fixes
  • Fixed usage of incorrect textdomain in various places.
  • Replaced usage of protected class property $instance in favor of $_instance in various singleton classes.
  • Function LLMS_Helper() is deprecated in favor of llms_helper().
  • File includes/model-llms-helper-add-on.php is deprecated, use includes/models/class-llms-helper-add-on.php instead.

LifterLMS Helper Version 3.0.2

  • Fixed fatal errors encountered as a result of failed API calls
  • Fixed broken links output on the plugins update screen when an add-on is unlicensed and has an update available
  • Fixed issue causing non-beta versions of the LifterLMS core to be served from instead of from

LifterLMS Helper Version 3.0.1

  • Fixed an issue causing key migration to run on the frontend resulting in a fatal error related to missing admin-only functions
  • Fixed an issue causing multiple submitted keys to not work properly on certain environments
  • Fixed issue causing installation script to make an activation API call even when no keys exist
  • Improved installation script message to only display a migration message when keys are actually migrated