LaunchPad Version 2.3.0

  • Add settings to allow visual customization of LifterLMS Instructors information on Courses & Memberships
  • Ensure that page layout settings (metabox on pages and other post types) apply custom layout settings to course & membership catalogs and blog archive
  • Fix error in a LifterLMS dependency check to preventing activation of theme without LifterLMS existing first

LaunchPad Version 2.2.1

  • Fix specificity issue preventing account navigation font size from applying correctly
  • Add setting to control hover color of title on catalog archive items
  • Renamed “Product Archive” settings to “Catalog” settings
  • Renamed “Product Item” settings to “Catalog Item” settings
  • Account greeting setting correctly outputs on LifterLMS 3.14+
  • Removed course item settings on LifterLMS account page which are no longer relevant post 3.14

LaunchPad Version 2.2.0

  • Improved compatibility with Beaver Builder to ensure full-width rows function on all post types
  • Added new post settings for LifterLMS content, pages, and posts:
    • Disable header entirely
    • Disable navigation
    • Display alternate menu
    • Disable footer widgets area
  • Added new global layout settings for controlling the top and bottom margins of the main content area. See these settings under “Layout”
  • Added new body class to add special css based on the current post sidebar layout
  • Declares official WooCommerce support. LaunchPad has always supported WooCommerce but until now LaunchPad did not declare support resulting in confusing WooCommerce-generated warnings.
  • Fixed Quiz template to prevent display of previous and next links meant for blog posts only
  • Fixed bug preventing the selected header layout from appearing highlighted on the LaunchPad settings

LaunchPad Version 2.1.1

  • Ensure post category and tag pages obey layout and sidebar settings defined for the blog
  • LaunchPad custom CSS will load after LaunchPad rendered settings css so that custom css can override default css without bloating the specificity of the override rules
  • LaunchPad can now be translated! Find the .pot file in the /l18n/ directory and get started! More information at

LaunchPad Version 2.1.0

  • New settings
    • Customize the font weight for course titles
    • Customize the font weight for menu items
    • Customize the spacing between menu items
    • Customize the spacing between the main menu and the top of the screen
    • Customize the spacing between the logo and the top of the screen
  • Post navigation links will no longer be displayed when viewing LifterLMS Memberships
  • Numeric settings fields will always output 0 instead of an empty string when left blank. Fixes issues where invalid CSS was being output for custom settings.

LaunchPad Version 2.0.6

  • Added new settings to control the appearance of the main menu on small screens
  • Added new settings to control the appearance of secondary (sub) menus on the main menu
  • Fix ie issue related to layout options on admin panel
  • Fix typo on settings screen

LaunchPad Version 2.0.4

  • Fix icon color for lesson complete icons in syllabus and syllabus widget
  • Ensure the “free” stamp icon on free lessons obeys lesson complete icon color
  • Remove padding on full-width Beaver Builder elements on all screen sizes