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  • LifterLMS WooCommerce Version 2.3.0

    • Fix an issue preventing grouping and tagging during new user registration on the enrollment/checkout screen.
    Read more: LifterLMS WooCommerce Version 2.3.0
  • LifterLMS Version 7.3.0

    Updates and Enhancements
    • When a notice is shown for an access plan on the course edit screen (e.g. When using the WooCommerce integration and no product has been associated to the access plan.) Also display a warning icon next to the access plan title.
    • Made sure only who can view_others_lifterlms_reports will be able to see the analytics widget content in the WordPress admin.
    • Better rounding of float values on some reporting screens.
    • Avoid creating a post revision when cloning a course/lesson.
    • When creating pages via llms_create_pages(): strip all tags from the page title and slash the page data prior to inserting the page in the db via wp_insert_post() to prevent slashes from being stripped from the page title.
    • Updated the WordPress tested version up to 6.3.
    • Improved compatibility with the Divi theme by fixing an issue with the quiz attempt result clarifications not being visible when the Divi option Defer jQuery And jQuery Migrate was enabled. #2470
    Bug Fixes
    • Fix spacer block when creating new certificate templates in WP 6.3.
    • Fixed PHP Warning when no course/membership catalog page was set or if the selected page doesn’t exist anymore. #2496
    • Don’t include WordPress default sidebar.php template when using a block theme. #2488
    • Updated Kazakhstani Tenge’s currency symbol. #2475
    • Make the dashboard widget visible only if the current user has LMS Manager capabilities. #2500
    • Fixed issue with LifterLMS Navigation Link block and block visibility settings. #2474
    • Use student dashboard as default value for navigation link block. #2465
    • Fixed typo in a function name that could potentially produce a fatal. Thanks @kamalahmed!
    Developer Notes
    • Added the parameter $tab (ID/slug of the tab) to the lifterlms_reporting_tab_cap filter hook. Thanks @sapayth! #2468
    • Added new filter hook llms_can_analytics_widget_be_processed that will allow to filter whether or not an analytics widget can be processed/displayed.
    • Added new filter llms_install_get_pages.
    • Added new public static method LLMS_Admin_Dashboard_Widget::get_dashboard_widget_data().
    • Added llms_dashboard_checklist and llms_dashboard_widget_data filters to adjust dashboard content. #2491
    Updated Templates
    Read more: LifterLMS Version 7.3.0
  • LifterLMS Assignments Version 2.1.0

    Updates and Enhancements
    • Improve security by escaping localization string in the various templates.
    • Rounded off ‘average’ column values in the assignment table in reporting.
    • Raised the minimum required version of LifterLMS from 6.0.0-alpha to 7.2.0.
    Bug Fixes
    • Early return when loading the assignment results template but there’s no submisssion.
    • Updating Assignments Reporting tab to match core LifterLMS UI improvements.
    Updated Templates
    • templates/assignment/content-upload.php
    • templates/assignment/footer.php
    • templates/assignment/results.php
    Read more: LifterLMS Assignments Version 2.1.0
  • Sky Pilot Theme Version 1.3.0

    New Features
    • Added checks to prevent direct file access to all include files.
    • Added sky_pilot_format_custom_property helper function and moved style related functions to new styles.php file.
    Updates and Enhancements
    • Moved utility functions to new inc/utility.php file.
    • Allow “Learn More” text to be translated.
    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed Font Awesome CSS path.
    • Fixed issue with font family custom properties not being formatted correctly.
    • Fix CSS for LifterLMS Assignments.
    • Removed default featured image block filter for LifterLMS Quizzes and Assignments.
    • Fixed small issue with LLMS primary button height in editor.
    • Added missing page title to the single membership template.
    • Fix CSS for LifterLMS Groups single user report table and achievement image.
    • Fix CSS for lesson excerpts showing checkbox icons.
    • Fixed payment method form display in student dashboard.
    • Added Boxed block style for Post Author block.
    • Remove featured image block placeholder image on single attachment page.
    • Added missing styling for on sale plans and strikethrough pricing.
    • Now supporting up to six columns in membership/course loops and access plans.
    Updated Templates
    • templates/single-llms_membership.html
    • templates/single.html
    Read more: Sky Pilot Theme Version 1.3.0
  • LifterLMS Social Learning Version 1.6.0

    New Features
    • Students can now remove the profile and header images once set.
    Bug Fixes
    • Fix for not found ajax nonce to restores the instructor select2 search in the sidebar for timeline.
    • Fixed issue with profile URL in llms/navigation-link block.
    Developer Notes
    • Changed the nonce field name from llms-sl-upload-nonce to llms-sl-profile-image-nonce and the action name from llms_sl_upload to llms_sl_profile_image.
    Security Improvements
    • Correctly escaped the HTML when rendering localized strings in all of the template files.
    Updated Templates
    • templates/card-new-share.php
    • templates/card-story.php
    • templates/card-student.php
    • templates/directory/card-about.php
    • templates/directory/card-achievements.php
    • templates/directory/card-courses.php
    • templates/directory/profile-header.php
    • templates/directory/profile-navigation.php
    • templates/directory/profile.php
    • templates/timeline/card-filters-instructor.php
    Read more: LifterLMS Social Learning Version 1.6.0
  • LifterLMS Version 7.2.1

    Updates and Enhancements
    Read more: LifterLMS Version 7.2.1