LaunchPad Version 1.2.0

Layout Settings

  • Blog posts and blog archive pages now have a separate default layout setting. You can, therefore, use a completely customized layout for your blog than for the rest of your site.
  • Courses, Lessons, Quizzes, Memberships, Posts, and Pages all have custom layout settings which can override the default site layout settings.
  • Lessons will automatically inherit their course’s layout settings unless explicitly overriden

Fixes and Updates

  • LifterLMS Certificates will never display sidebars
  • Added a new “Button” subheading to LifterLMS Product Archive settings screen.
  • Changed LifterLMS Product Archive Tile Footer Border language. Previously said “Top Border” but styles actually applied to the entire border. Now the label correctly states the settings purpose
  • Fixed directory name of Metaboxes directory so that custom metaboxes will properly load on servers that couldn’t load them because of case sensitivity. Was “MetaBoxes”, now “Metaboxes”.

LaunchPad Version 1.1.0


  • Site Logo in header is now a clickable link back to the site’s home page url to match the functionality of the site title when no logo is displayed.
  • New site header background image options are available for controlling the behavior and positioning of the uploaded image! See Header Settings Documention for more info.
  • New site header background color option is available. See Header Settings Documention for more info.
  • New site footer & site info options
    • Font Color
    • Link & Link Hover Color
    • Widget Title Cover (footer only because no widget functionality is available for the site info section)
  • Added a css class .widget-title to all Widget Title H2 elements in all widget areas


  • Added CSS selector properly target “My Meberships” title area styles.
  • Fixed a setting title “Section Title Padding Right” which was supposed to be “Section Padding Right” on the “LifterLMS Account” LaunchPad settings tab
  • LifterLMS Account Navigation Link Seperator option was attached to a filter that didn’t exist. Updated the filter to attach to a LifterLMS filter which does exist. Problem solved!
  • LifterLMS Course and Lesson sidebars will now be properly registered with the same sidebar settings as the other LaunchPad sidebars to prevent visual discrepencies between them. This update relies on a new filter available in LifterLMS 2.6.2. Please update both to complete this resolution.
  • Updated the descriptions of a few settings to be more clear
  • Various typos and spelling errors corrected. Potentially added some new ones.
  • Fixed positioning of the “remove image” button on LaunchPad image upload settings.


  • Removed a duplicate & unused .scss file scss/partials/_notices.scss.

LaunchPad Version 1.0.1


  • Moved the header background image logo to the header settings tab
  • added collapsible sections to the header settings tab
  • Added font size options for paragraphs and list items
  • Removed breadcrumb css class option
  • Changed the “Styling” tab to be called the “Links and Buttons” tab
  • Organized the LifterLMS Account Settings screen to have collapsible settings to make the settings more navigable
  • Organized the LifterLMS Course Settings screen to have collapsible settings to make the settings more navigable
  • Organized the LifterLMS Product Archive Settings screen to have collapsible settings to make the settings more navigable
  • Moved the advanced settings tab to the bottom of the settings menu


  • Added a changelog


  • Site tagline setting now properly outputs the site tagline
  • Breadcrumb font settings now properly apply to all items in breadcrumb regardless of heirarchy
  • Fixed language issue on header menu that caused some confusion
  • Allow LifterLMS Course and Lesson Sidebars to display in their correct place
  • Properly initialize right-side sidebar on 3-column layout
  • Fixed various spelling errors & typos

Development Changes

  • Fixed a typo on the default config that prevented watch tasks from running correctly

LifterLMS Stripe Version 3.0.1

  • Added the LifterLMS Helper helper class shared by LifterLMS extensions. This adds a few functions that make working with the LifterLMS Helper a bit easier.
  • In combination with LifterLMS Update 2.3.1 resolves an issue where users could not checkout with a 100% off coupon when using Stripe as the payment method.
  • Reorderd the API key boxes on the LifterLMS Stripe Gateway settings screen to reflect the UI on Stripe’s account dashboard where you locate your keys.
  • Fixed an undefined variable notice
  • Fixed a CSS issue on FireFox that prevented users from being able to click in certain dropdown areas on the credit card form.

LifterLMS MailChimp Version 2.1.1

  • Added a handling function that automatically adds a user to a group if they’re already subscribed to the chosen list. This allows you to choose different interest groups for each course or membership rather than only being able to choose different lists.
  • Fixed a typo
  • Added two filters:
  • llms_mailchimp_add_contact: allows customization of merge field data sent to MailChimp
  • llms_mailchimp_double_optin: allows you to enable double optin when subscribing users to your lists

LifterLMS MailChimp Version 2.1.0

This version will work best with LifterLMS version 2.2.3 or later. Some new features will only be available if LifterLMS 2.2.3 is available

  • We’ve updated to work with LifterLMS actions for course and membership enrollment
  • When a student is added to a course by an admin via the Students tab of a Course the user will now be added to the MailChimp list & group selected for the course
  • MailChimp lists and groups can now be configured for Memberships.
  • Users who join a membership and are auto-enrolled in multiple courses will now be correctly added to MailChimp lists and groups associated with all auto-enroll courses
  • Fixed a few code standards issues
  • Updated a few functions to have more normalized programmatic responses