LifterLMS Version 3.17.3

  • Course and Membership instructor metabox search field now correctly states “Select an Instructor” instead of previous “Select a Student”
  • Added missing translation for “Select a Student” on admin panel student selection search fields
  • Fix issue causing reporting export CSVs to throw a SYLK interpretation error when opened in Excel
  • Fix issue causing drafted courses and memberships to be published when the “Update” button is clicked to save changes
  • Remove use of PHP 7.2 deprecated create_function
  • Fix errors resulting from quiz questions which have been deleted
  • Fix issue causing current date / time to display as the End Date for incomplete quiz attempts on quiz reporting screens
Template Updates

LifterLMS Version 3.17.2

  • Fixed issue preventing lesson video and audio embeds from being removed when using the course builder settings editor
  • Fixed issue causing question images to lose the image source
  • Updated student management table for courses and memberships to show the name (and a link to the user profile) of the site user who manually enrolled the student.
  • Add “All Time” reporting to various reporting filters
  • Added API for builder fields to enable multiple select fields
  • Fix memory leak related to assignments rendering on course builder
  • Fix issue causing course progress and enrollment checks to incorrectly display progress data cached for other users
  • Lesson progression actions (Mark Complete & Take Quiz buttons) will now always display to users with edit capabilities regardless of enrollment status
Template Updates

LifterLMS Version 3.17.1

  • Refactored lesson completion methods to allow 3rd party customization of lesson completion behavior via filters and hooks.
  • Remove duplicate lesson completion notice implemented. Only popover notifications will display now instead of popovers and inline messages.
  • Object completion will now automatically prevent multiple records of completion from being recorded for a single object.
  • Lesson Mark Complete button and lessons completed by quiz now utilizes a generic trigger to mark lessons as complete: llms_trigger_lesson_completion.
  • Removed several unused functions from frontend forms class
  • Moved lesson completion form controllers to their own class
Templates updates

LifterLMS Version 3.17.0

Builder Updates
  • Moved action buttons for each lesson (for opening quiz and lesson editor) to be static below the lesson title as opposed to only being visible on hover
  • Added new audio and video status indicator icons for each lesson
  • Various status indicator icons will now have different icons in addition to different colors depending on their state
  • Replaced “pencil” icons that open the WordPress post editor with a small “WP” icon
  • Added several actions and filters to backend functions so that 3rd parties can hook into builder saves
  • Added lesson settings editing to the builder. Lesson settings can now be updated from settings metaboxes on the lesson post edit screen AND on the builder.
  • Added prerequisite validation for lessons to prevent accidental impossible prerequisite creating (eg: Lesson 5 can never be a prerequisite for Lesson 4)
  • Added functions and filters to allow 3rd parties to add custom fields to the builder. For more details see an example.
  • Fixed issue causing changes made in “Text” mode on content editors wouldn’t trigger save events
  • Fixed issue causing lesson prerequisites to not properly display on the course builder
  • Fixed CSS z-index issues related to builder field tooltip displays
  • Removed unused Javascript dependencies
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed typo on filter on quiz question image getter function
  • Performance improvements made to database queries and functions related to student enrollment status and student course progress queries. Thanks to @mte90 for raising issues and testing solutions related to these updates and changes!
  • Added PHP Requires plugin header (5.6 minimum)
  • Added HTTP User Agent data to the system report
  • LifterLMS Assignments Beta is imminent and this release adds functionality to the Builder which will be extended by Assignments upon when availability

LifterLMS Version 3.16.16

  • Fixed builder issue causing multiple question choices to be incorrectly selected
  • Fixed builder issue with media library uploads causing an error message to prevent new uploads before the quiz or question has been persisted to the database
  • Fixed builder issue preventing quizzes from being deleted before they were persisted to the database
  • Fixed builder issue causing autosaves to interrupt typing and reset lesson and section titles
  • Fixed JS console error related to LifterLMS JS dependency checks

LifterLMS Version 3.16.15

Quiz Results Improvements and fixes
  • Improved quiz result user and correct answer handling functions for more consistent HTML output
  • Result answers (correct and user) will display as lists
  • image question types will display without bullets and will “float” next to each other
  • Fixed issue causing quiz results with multiple answers from outputting all HTMLS with no spaces between them
Quiz Grading
  • Fixed issue causing advanced reorder and reorder question types from being graded incorrectly in some scenarios
  • Advanced fill in the blank questions are now case insensitive. Case sensitivity can be enabled with a filter: add_filter( 'llms_quiz_grading_case_sensitive', '__return_true' )
  • Updated spacing and returns found in the email header and footer templates to prevent line breaks from occurring in undesirable places on previews of HTML emails in mobile email clients
  • Added options for themes to add layout support to quizzes where the custom field utilizes an underscore at the beginning of the field key
  • Fixed CSS issue causing blanks of fill in the blanks to not be visible on the course builder when using Chrome on Windows
  • Removed unnecessary get_option() call to unused option lifterlms_permalinks
  • Updated permissions required to see various LifterLMS post types to rely on manage_lifterlms capabilities as opposed to manage_options
  • This will only affect the LMS Manager core role or any custom role which was provided with the manage_options capability. Manages will now be able to access all LMS content and custom roles would now not be able to access LMS content
  • Affected content types are: Orders, Coupons, Vouchers, Engagements, Achievements, Certificates, and Emails
  • Several references to an option removed in LifterLMS 3.0 still existed in the codebase and have now been removed.
  • Option lifterlms_course_display_banner is no longer called or referenced
  • Template function lifterlms_template_single_featured_image() has been removed
  • Actions referencing lifterlms_template_single_featured_image() have been removed
  • Template function lifterlms_get_featured_image_banner() has been removed
  • Template templates/course/featured-image.php has been removed
Templates updates

LifterLMS Version 3.16.14

  • Courses reporting table now includes courses with the “Private” status
  • Fixed issue causing some achievement notifications to be blank
  • Added tooltips to question choice add / delete icon buttons
  • Quiz results meta information elements now have unique CSS classes
  • Removed reliance PHP 7.2 deprecated function create_function()
  • Fixed invalid PHP 7.2 syntax creating a warning found on the setup wizard
  • Fixed undefined index error related to admin notices
  • Fixed untranslatable string on Users table (“No Memberships”)
  • Fixed discrepancy between membership restrictions as presented to logged out users and logged in users who cannot access membership
  • Fixed FireFox and Edge issue causing changes to number inputs made via HTML5 input arrows from properly triggering save events