LifterLMS Assignments Version 1.0.0-beta.4

  • Added RTL language support
  • Fixed an issue preventing task deletion for a task that was added to an unsaved assignment
  • Fixed issue requiring permalinks to be manually flushed after plugin installation
  • Fixed an issue preventing the assignments managements sidebar on the course builder to load when adding an assignment to a course created prior to installing assignments
  • Fixed an issue preventing the course builder from loading when the course was affected by the above issue
  • Fixed an issue preventing assignment templates from being overwritten from themes/child themes

LifterLMS Version 3.19.2

Updates and enhancements
  • The course builder will now load quiz question data when the quiz is opened instead of loading all quizzes on builder page load. Improves builder load times and addresses an issue which could cause timeouts in certain environments when attempting to edit very large courses.
  • The currently viewed lesson will now be bold in the lesson outline widget.
  • Added a CSS class .llms-widget-syllabus .llms-lesson.current-lesson which can be used to customize the display of the current lesson in the widget.
  • Added the ability to filter quiz attempt reports by quiz status
  • Updated language for access plans on with a limited number of payments to reflect the total number of payments due as opposed to the length (for example in years) that the plan will run.
Bug fixes
  • Fixed issue preventing oEmbed media from being used in quiz question descriptions
  • Fixed issue preventing <iframes> from being used in quiz question descriptions
  • Quiz results will now exclude questions with 0 points value when displaying the number of questions in the quiz.
  • Fixed error occurring when sorting was applied to quiz attempt reports which would cause quiz attempts from other quizzes to be included in the new sorted report
  • Fixed filter lifterlms_reviews_section_title which was unuseable due to the incorrect usage of _e() within the filter. Now using __() as expected.
  • Fixed issue causing course featured image to display in place of lesson feature images
Template Updates

LifterLMS ConvertKit Version 2.0.1

  • When adding or changing API keys, test calls will be made to check if the keys are functional. If they are not a warning will be displayed.
  • Fixed issue preventing cached tags and sequences from being cleared by the button on the integration settings
  • Deprecated LLMS_ConvertKit_Api->clear_cache(), use $skip_cache when calling api class methods to bypass cached results. This function should no longer be used by third party integrations, custom plugins, or themes as it will be removed in the next major version.

LifterLMS Version 3.19.0

Updates and enhancements
  • Added a “My Memberships” tab to the student dashboard
  • “My Memberships” preview area
  • Updated admin panel order status badges to match frontend order status badges
  • Added a new recurring order status “Pending Cancel.” Orders in this state will allow students to access course / membership content until the next payment is due, on this date, instead of a recurring charge being made the order will move to “Cancelled” and the student’s enrollment status will change to “Cancelled” removing their access to the course or membership.
  • When a student cancels an active recurring order from the student dashboard, the order will move to “Pending Cancellation” instead of “Cancelled”
  • Students can re-activate an order that’s Pending Cancellation moving the expiration date to the next payment due date
  • Added the ability to edit the access expiration date for orders with limited access settings and for orders in the “pending-cancel” state
  • Added a filter to allow customization of the URL used to generate certificate downloads from
  • When viewing taxonomy archives for any course or memberhip taxonomy (categories, tags, and tracks), if a term description exists, it will be used instead of the default catalog description content defined on the catalog page.
  • Added a filter (llms_archive_description) to allow filtering of the archive description
  • When WP_DEBUG is disabled the scheduled-actions posttype interface is now available via direct link. Useful for debugging but don’t want to expose a menu-item link to clients. Access via wp-admin/edit.php?post_type=scheduled-action. Be warned: you shouldn’t be modifying scheduled actions manually and that’s why we’re not exposing this directly, this should be used for debugging only!
  • Updated the function used to check if lessons have featured images to improve performance and resolve an incompatibility issue with WP Overlays plugin.
Bug fixes
  • Fixed issue causing “My Courses” title to be duplicated on the student dashboard when viewing the endpoint
  • Fixed issue causing the trial price to be displayed with a strike-through during a sale
  • Fixed coupon issue causing coupons to expire at the beginning of the day on the expiration date instead of at the end of the day
  • Fixed issue causing CSS rules to lose their declared order during exports causing export rendering issues with certain themes and plugin combinations
Template Updates

Monthly Bug Scrub Notes June 2018

Issues Summary

  • May Status: 4 resolved, 7 moved to June
  • Discussed: 24
  • Closed: 2
  • Raised: 1
  • Participants: 2

June 2018 Milestone on GitHub

May 2018 Recap: Resolved Issue & Pull Request Notes

Add email notification when student cancels a subscription

Iss. #528

  • Resolved by Thomas
  • Released in version 3.17.8

Unpredictable JS load order creates undefined function type of errors

Iss. #520

  • Resolved by Saurabh
  • Released in version 3.17.8

Debug mode support for assets

PR. #484

  • Resolved by Saurabh
  • Released in version 3.17.8

May 2018 Recap: Unresolved Issue & Pull Request Notes

Optimize scripts/styles for non LifterLMS pages

Iss. #145

  • Global window.llms via inline enqueue still problematic
  • Break up the asset enqueue method into multiple methods since the method
  • Saurabh will continue to work on this along with bulk enrollment
  • Assigned to June 2018 Milestone

if all fields are disabled for checkout it looks weird when a user is already logged in because the box is empty

Iss. 235

  • No updates from May
  • Available for assignment comment if you’d like to work on this
  • Assigned to June 2018 Milestone

voucher screen on admin panel needs color scheme update

Iss. 239

  • No updates from May
  • Available for assignment comment if you’d like to work on this
  • Assigned to June 2018 Milestone

add current item classes to catalogs

Iss. 257

  • Clarified language in issue
  • Available for assignment comment if you’d like to work on this
  • Assigned to June 2018 Milestone

prereq and dependency checks on post trash

Iss. 263

  • This is a large issue interrelated to many more recent discussions around core enhancements
  • This issue should be broken into smaller more digestable issues based off issue checklist
  • There’s some outstanding questions around how certain actions should be handled. EG: what should happen to student completion when a lesson is removed from a course?
  • Assigned to June 2018 Milestone

Free lesson stamp should not be visible when course is available to enrolled student or member who has access

Iss. 253

  • Saurabh spent time in May and has potential solution
  • Assigned to Saurabh for implementation
  • Assigned to June 2018 Milestone

Self-cancelled subscriptions should unenroll at the end of the prepaid period not immediately

Iss. 490 & PR #569

  • Initial issue resolved
  • Before deployment must resolve new issues related to reactivating a (pending-)cancelled order
  • Thomas to complete in June
  • Assigned to June 2018 Milestone

Issue & Pull Request Notes

if a course has a free access plan course enrollment restrictions are being ignored

Iss. #266

  • We’re not sure if this is still an issue or what the issue is stating
  • Assigned to Thomas to investigate and possibly close as non-issue
  • Assigned to June 2018 Milestone

Hook to disable/remove all about Payments/Shop/Price

Iss. #267

  • Available for assignment comment if you’d like to work on this
  • Assigned to Future Milestone

delayed engagements may still fire after engagement has been deleted

Iss. #290

  • Clarified issue language and solution
  • Available for assignment comment if you’d like to work on this
  • Assigned to Future Milestone

potential plugin conflict with Post Type Switcher plugin

Iss. #271

  • Noted that this issue is potentially related to existing solutions in LifterLMS
  • Raised new issue with potential solution for greater general plugin compatibility
  • Assigned to Future Milestone

reporting screen shows weird dates when only one day worth of data is displayed #302

  • Will be resolved in combination with core information tracking improvements
  • Assigned to Future Milestone

WC Account Edit redirect to LifterLMS account page

(Iss. #309)[]

  • Unable to recreate during meeting
  • Closed issue

notification center

Iss. #318

  • Assigned to Future Milestone

inefficient calls to get_the_post_thumbnail in various templates

Iss. #322

  • Assigned to Saurabh
  • Assigned to June 2018 Milestone

add WordPress filters to default views & periods on reporting screens

Iss. #323

  • clarified language of issue
  • Assigned to Thomas
  • Assigned to June 2018 Milestone

Inaccurate reposition during notification dismissals

Iss. #325

  • Still need help reliably recreating
  • Assigned to Future Milestone

Order / Transaction Status Notifications

Iss. #328

  • Assigned to Thomas to work on with pending-cancellation features
  • Assigned to June 2018 Milestone

Reporting student last activity reports the enrollment updated date instead of an actual date of last activity

Iss. #332

  • Will be resolved in combination with core information tracking improvements
  • Assigned to Future Milestone

create a manual interface for recording misc order notes from the admin panel

Iss. #334

  • Assigned to Future Milestone

(NEW) CRUD access plans via AJAX call rather than during post save form submission

Iss. #576

  • Assigned to Future Milestone


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