LifterLMS Helper Version 3.2.0

  • Moved the class LifterLMS_Helper class to its own file from lifterlms-helper.php.
  • Use self::$instance in favor of self::$_instance.
  • Use llms() in favor of deprecated LLMS().
  • Use llms_filter_input() to access $_POST data in various places.
  • Use strict comparison for in_array().
Bug fixes
  • Fixed usage of incorrect textdomain in various places.
  • Replaced usage of protected class property $instance in favor of $_instance in various singleton classes.
  • Function LLMS_Helper() is deprecated in favor of llms_helper().
  • File includes/model-llms-helper-add-on.php is deprecated, use includes/models/class-llms-helper-add-on.php instead.

LifterLMS Version 4.10.0

PHP 7.2 has reached its official end of life. LifterLMS aims to support only officially supported PHP versions and our goal is to drop support for PHP 7.2 by March of 2021 at which time minimum supported PHP version will be raised to 7.3. If you’re currently using PHP 7.2 please contact your host and request an upgrade to a supported PHP version as soon as possible!

  • Adds native theme support for the WordPress default theme Twenty Twenty-One.
  • Improved the llms_archive_description() function and releated filter.
Bug fixes
  • Fix issue encountered when using multiple role plugins to add the Instructor role to an Administrator user account. Thanks @daniel-shuy!
  • Fixed an issue encountered when using non-latin characters in a course post URL slug. Thanks @alaa-alshamy!
Templates Updated
  • templates/loop/pagination.php

Hacktoberfest 2020 Results

The 3rd Annual LifterLMS Contributor Month Hacktoberfest event is over and we’re excited to share the results of the event and announce our winners.

Contribution Stats

This year we accepted 10 pull requests from 5 contributors.

Contributions ranged from bug fixes, to the addition of hooks, to entirely new features.

ContributorPull RequestReward
@daniel-shuy#1390Add-on Drawing Winner
#1392Swag item winner
@imknight#1378Swag item winner

We’d like to extend a huge thank you to all our contributors and a big congratulations to our swag winners and Daniel Shuy who won our add-on drawing!

LifterLMS REST API Version 1.0.0-beta.17

  • Bugfix: Fixed an issue with webhooks causing a failed webhook to cause other webhooks to stop triggering.
  • Update: Added improved localization methods when running as a standalone plugin.
Breaking Change
  • Method LLMS_REST_Webhook::is_pending() has been removed.
  • Database column pending_delivery on the lifterlms_rest_webhooks table (and related model properties) have been deprecated and scheduled for removal.

LifterLMS Version 4.8.0

  • Added additional course imports and templates at the end of the setup wizard
  • Added a cloud importer enabling 1-click importing of courses and course templates via the importer at LifterLMS -> Import
  • Added strict comparisons in several places.
  • Course “extra” data is only added to course arrays during exports to improve performance on the course builder.
  • Improved template override loading performance on sites with no child theme.
Bug fixes
  • Fixed issues related to reliance on methods provided by the mb_string PHP module.
  • LLMS_Admin_Setup_Wizard::generator_course_status() is deprecated with no replacement.
  • LLMS_Admin_Setup_Wizard::watch_course_generation() is deprecated with no replacement.

LifterLMS Social Learning Version 1.3.0

  • Define versions for llms-select2 script and styles to improve cache busting after updates.
  • Use strict type comparisons wherever possible.
  • Use wp_json_encode() in favor of json_encode().
  • Use wp_parse_url() in favor of parse_url().
  • Use wp_safe_redirect() over wp_redirect() when redericting to a same site URL.
  • Use wp_strip_all_tags() in favor of strip_tags().
  • Added new filter llms_sl_story_query_query_where.
  • Added new filter llms_sl_story_reply_query_query_where.
Bug fixes
  • Unslash input $_POST['term'] before using it.
  • Fixed trying to access to undefined variable $story_id, use $data['story_id'] instead.
  • Fixed a bug causing users from being unable to edit or delete stories on their own profile page.
  • Fixed use of incorrect usage of filter llms_sl_story_can_user_edit which should have been llms_sl_story_can_user_delete.
  • The $student argument of llms_sl_get_student_achievement_url() is no longer optional (for php8 compatibility).
  • File includes/models/class-llms-sl-story-reply.php should be used in favor of deprecated file includes/model-llms-sl-story-reply.php.
  • File includes/models/class-llms-sl-story.php should be used in favor of deprecated file includes/model-llms-sl-story.php.