Release Notes

LifterLMS Helper Version 2.4.0

  • Added a unified Helper sceen accessible via LifterLMS -> Settings -> Helper
  • Activate multiple addons simultaneously via one API call
  • Site deactivation now deactivates from remote activation server in addition to local deactivation
  • Upgraded database key handling prevents accidental duplicate activation attempts
  • Fixed several undefined index warnings
  • Normalized option fields keys

LifterLMS Version 3.2.0

LifterLMS Reporting Beta
  • Students overview displays broad information about your students in a searchable and sortable table
  • Review data about individual students including:
  • Membership enrollments and statuses
  • Course enrollments, status, and progress
  • Quiz attempts and and their submitted answers
  • Earned achievements and certificates
  • Sales and Enrollments analytics are now found under the “Reporting” screen
  • Feedback on the beta? Let us know at
Other Updates & Fixes
  • Lesson completion checks now look for at least one record of the completed lesson as opposed to looking for exactly one
  • Fix positioning of teacher avatar on course/membership tiles
  • Remove explicit color definition from Student Dashboard navigation links for greater theme compatibility

LifterLMS Version 3.1.7

  • Added support for WordPress Twenty Seventeen theme
  • Improved the messaging and functions related to LifterLMS Sidebar support
  • Add alternate language for a quiz requiring 100% grade to pass
  • Added CSS class .llms-button-primaray to lesson “Mark as Complete” buttons
  • Add box-sizing css rule to LifterLMS form field elements. Fixes layout issues on themes that don’t border-box everything.
  • Fix an issue that prevented the admin notice to enable/disable recurring payments from clearing when a button was pressed from screens other than the LLMS Settings screen
  • Fix next payment date error when viewing a cancelled recurring order on the student dashboard
  • Recurring payments now scheduled based on UTC time in accordance with the action scheduler which executes based on UTC rather than site timezone
  • Add existing lesson to course modal now relies on async search. Improves performance and prevents timeouts on sites with a 500+ lessons
  • Removed 2.x -> 3.x update notification message
  • Fix an issue with comment counting on PHP7
  • Updated action scheduler library to latest version

LaunchPad Version 2.0.4

  • Fix icon color for lesson complete icons in syllabus and syllabus widget
  • Ensure the “free” stamp icon on free lessons obeys lesson complete icon color
  • Remove padding on full-width Beaver Builder elements on all screen sizes

LaunchPad Version 2.0.2

  • fix full centering of logo, title, description for full-width 100%/100% headers
  • added vcard markup to author output for better seo compliance
  • Add new option for optionally wrapping JS fields in script and no conflict anonymous functions