LifterLMS Working Group

The LifterLMS Working Group is an informal, open meeting of users and contributors moderated by the LifterLMS core team.


The primary goal of the Working Group is to provide users with a direct line of communication with the core team. Interested individuals can concretely and abstractly discuss issues, suggest improvements, share difficulties and successes, and assist the core team in determining the next steps to be taken in the codebase and product suite.

Additionally, the core team is looking to graduate Working Group participants to contributors to the codebase and community.

Topics and Format

Each session is focused on a specific topic or issue. The core team will present the topic for the first portion of the session, and the remaining time will be spent as an open discussion. We ask that participants stay on topic. If you’re not interested in the current topic or you don’t feel the current topic is relevant, we invite you to listen and suggest a topic for a future session.

To help the core team moderate the discussion most effectively, if you’re planning to attend a session and wish to ask a specific question, raise an issue, or speak on the call, you can submit a question in advance.

Each session of the Working Group is held as a Zoom video conference. We encourage participants to talk openly and enable video. Participation is not required. Anyone is welcome to attend and listen.

Code of Conduct

As a participant, you are expected to be constructive and kind.

Feedback, be it positive or negative is encouraged and welcomed, but it must be constructive.

Rudeness, aggression, threats, and bigotry are not tolerated.

If you encounter or witness a violation of this policy, please contact us immediately.

No Support Requests

The Working Group is not an avenue for receiving support on specific issues you may have encountered. The LifterLMS team is dedicated to supporting and assisting in the success of all our users. If you require support of any kind please contact the support team.

Upcoming Sessions

See our events calendar for details on upcoming Working Group sessions.

Past Sessions

  • S007 October 2019: Goal and Roadmap Planning
  • S006 September 2019: Group Learning
  • S005 August 2019: Videos
  • S004 July 2019: REST API
  • S003 April 2019: Merge Codes
  • S002 March 2019: Certificates
  • S001 January 2019: Quizzes